100 Essays that Will Change your Life

The topics of an essay that will change your life are very diverse since the nature of the genre allows you to address practically any issue. In general, the essays address issues belonging to the Social Sciences and Humanities. Not surprisingly, on university campuses, they occupy an important place in academic work.

On the other hand, outside universities, writers and journalists use it to address current debates. So the essay can talk about politics, economics, art, and literature. However, not everything can be tested. Such is the case of science and technology. In these cases, it is tough to deal with the subject purely, being common to find contact with human disciplines. So, in this wowessay blog post, we recommended the topics of the change your life essay, which help you to write an excellent essay and transform your life.

The main themes of the essays that will change your life:

1) The Humanities

The topics of the change your life essay are mostly humanities topics since the flexibility of gender agree with these disciplines’ qualitative nature. It means that the qualitative aspects of a human discipline are favorable to take a position and argue it. In addition, multiple opinions can emerge around the same topic that enriches the issue.

Thus, some examples of topics for wowessays in the humanities are Philosophy, Literature, Philology, History, etc. Within each of these items, there can be endless themes. There are even writers who work all their lives with a single subject due to its possibilities. In conclusion, the humanities are the subject par excellence of the essay.

2) The Social Sciences and the topics of the essay

Another aspect of the essay’s topics in Social Sciences is that the study topics are usually the focus of critical debates. We will remember that politics, sociology, and anthropology within the Social Sciences to understand this fact. For this reason, national and international magazines publish political essays.

Some examples are presidential elections, power relations between people and government, the political agenda of a president, etc. Moreover, sociological topics for the essay include economic inequality, marginalization, immigration, war, social disintegration, among others. Finally, Anthropology offers essayistic topics such as religion, hyper-consumerism, sexuality, and many more.

3) The arts asf essay themes

Another of the most used themes of the essay is an art since its production and interpretation generate many positions. Discussing art is not only an essayistic topic but a whole specialty of Philosophy. Without the need to be a specialist, a topic for the essay can be found in all artistic disciplines.

For example, the speech of a particular film, symbolism in cinema, and a filmmaker’s career. In addition, the visual arts lend themselves to rehearsal, so do theater and dance. So they are not uncommon topics such as the history of classical dance, the role of contemporary dance, etc. In short, the vast and exquisite world of art is one of the topics most addressed by essayists.

4) Other topics of the essay: science and technology

Science and technology are also part of the topics of the essay. However, addressing them requires specialization. It cannot be easy to elaborate an essay on electronic circuits or programming languages in pure terms. However, approaching science and technology as human tasks that impact man shows a different picture.

It results in risks of artificial intelligence, technology for war, cloning, and eugenics. All these topics are highly relevant and prosperous for the essayist. However, the development of these issues requires prior research in technical documents.

Tips for selecting a topic for a narrative essay change your life  

After knowing the possible topics of the articles that will change your life, we present a series of tips for choosing a theme. Indeed, this quick guide is intended for those who seek to cultivate the essay genre by choice and need guidance. If you have an assigned topic, skip the suggestions.

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  1.  Attractive theme. The best essays or at least the most widely read, deal with issues of relevance. Some options would be the impact of technology, terrorism, civil wars, etc.
  2.  Controversy. The most prominent essayists are those who manage to spark debate. Therefore, a controversial and topical topic should be sought. Today some suggestions would be the independence of Catalonia, nuclear tests of North Korea, BORDER WALL of the UNITED STATES.
  3.  News. While essays discuss ancient topics, as in Philology, an attractive essay should address the present. Otherwise, a topic from the past can be approached under a completely different approach. Of course, you have to be careful not to fall into over-the-past discussions.

Where to look for articles that will change your life

Looking for an excellent changed your life essay topic that stands out is always a big struggle. Sometimes it can be even more complex than the writing process. It is always more accessible when the teacher determines the direction of your essay.

It would help if you considered finding a topic, not a problem, but an opportunity and even an advantage. Excellent essay writing is always about the author’s passion and interest in the topic.

And a teacher cannot assign a student something interesting, while a student can find an exceptional topic and write a masterpiece because of his passion for the problem.

Even if you decide the topic by yourself, you may face some challenges when looking for adequate and reliable sources of information.

If you don’t want to risk getting a low grade, consider some safe sources of information listed below:

  • Print sources: anything you can find at the library, bookstore, and even your bookshelf can be an excellent source for your essay. It may seem a bit outdated as most students prefer to use digital sources of information. Books, however, remain the primary and irreplaceable database;
  • Internet: it looks pretty evident to modern students, but you need to know some important factors. Many sources are unreliable and have erroneous data. The most reliable are gov, Edu, and official websites.
  • Classroom discussions and lecture notes: While these sources may not provide you with a significant amount of information, they are worth using to do your writing professionally. It is crucial to take notes at every lecture you attend

100 Essays that Will Change the Way you Think

Here is a list of best changed your life essay topics that can serve as an idea to get you started on your essay:

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