Essay Example on Methods of Political Research

Political research utilizes diverse methods to collect data. Examples of these data collection techniques are postal questionnaires and personal interviews (Mulder and de Bruijne, 2019). These methods are critical in collecting data with high levels of accuracy and trustworthiness.

Nonetheless, there are scenarios where postal questionnaires would be a more suitable research tool than personal interviews. First, the postal questionnaire is an appropriate tool when cost is a factor. Personal interviews are expensive, especially in scenarios where the participants are located apart. Besides, postal questionnaires offer a way to gather massive amounts of data on the subject of politics. Researchers could use the tool to cover a large audience compared to a personal interview with limited participants.

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Questionnaires could have either open or closed questions. Open questions allow a person to provide a free-form answer. Conversely, close-ended questions demand simple “Yes” or “No” answers. Questions that accompany open questions include “What level of satisfaction do you have with the process?” “How will you use the technique to change what you do today?” “What has been working well for you?” “How do you know the approach to deal with daily issues?” and “What happened during the attack?”

On the other hand, closed questions demand a “Yes” or “No” answer. These questions include “Do you think historical events are worth investigating?” “Is it easy to use artifacts to learn about history?” “Did you expect this information to be available easily?” “Do you normally utilize this technique to learn about historical events?” “Do you find it easy to use a particular method?”

Close-end Questions

Region of Origin

  • Did you know that most migrants do not mention their region of residence before entering nations with strict migration rules?
  • Are you satisfied with the information about the concept of the region of origin?

Hall of Residence

  • Do you find the hall of residence interesting?
    Do you act as expected in residence?

Course Major

  • Are you satisfied with your course
    major selection?
  • Do you find the course major challenging?

Course Level

  • Did you expect this kind of information to be present at this level?
  • Did you know course levels exhibit various degrees of difficulties?


Mulder, J., & de Bruijne, M. (2019). Willingness of online respondents to participate in alternative modes of data collection. Survey Practice, 12(1), 1-11.

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